Frequently asked questions

Will using the FAST Holster scratch my gun?

No, the FAST Holster was designed using a soft plastic to protect your firearms.

Will the FAST Holster hold my stainless steel pistol? Stainless steel is non-magnetic right?

The FAST Holster will hold almost all stainless pistols. The stainless steel used in most pistols is magnetic.

Is there any other way to mount / install the FAST Holster besides the screws and

molys provided with the holster?

There are many ways to install the FAST Holster without using screws.

If the surface you are installing the FAST Holster is made of a thin wall, aluminum rivets will work well.

On non-porous surfaces, VHB (very high bond) double sided adhesive tape will hold the

FAST Holster and firearm.

For permanent installations on porous surfaces Gorilla Glue TM will securely hold the FAST Holster.

How long does the magnet last?

The FAST Holster uses permanent, rare earth magnets.

What are the magnets coated with to prevent them from scratching my pistol?

The magnets are covered via over molding with a soft poly urethane plastic.

Where can I mount a FAST Holster?

Almost anywhere! Our thought for home defense is anywhere that is unique to you

that you can get to when you need your gun. The FAST Holsters also work well inside

your gun safe to hold and organize your firearms.

How do I mount the FAST Holster?

The FAST Holster is supplied with mounting hardware and instructions.

How about mounting a FAST Holster in a car, truck or SUV?

We do not recommend the FAST Holster for use in cars or trucks due to the shocks

and vibrations that are inherent in driving. We are working on two new models designed for auto use. Please watch for updates on the website.

Will the FAST Holster hold a shotgun?

Yes, most long guns require two FAST Holsters due to the added weight and leverage.

Can I use FAST Holsters in my gun safe?

The FAST Holsters work great in a safe mounted on the door or mounted to the

underside of a shelf. The FAST Holsters allow you to organize and maximize the available space in your safe.

Does the magnet affect my gun?

Storing your gun on the FAST Holster does transfer some magnetism to the slide

of a semi-auto pistol or to the barrel of a revolver. This is normal when steel is placed

against a magnet. The amount of transfer is minor and dissipates quickly or immediately

when the gun is fired.

Will the FAST Holster work on polymer frame guns?

Yes, the FAST Holster securely holds polymer framed guns by their steel slides. The FAST

Holster will securely hold most handguns on the market today. Exceptions are extremely large, long barreled revolvers; titanium revolvers; and handguns with very large sights. If you have any questions regarding a specific application please email us and we will test the model in question.

How well doe the FAST Holster hold revolvers?

We recommend using the FAST Holster to hang the revolver from the top strap. For example: from the bottom of a shelf or under a desk. The cylinder gets in the way in any other orientation.